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In order to prepare your tax return quickly and comprehensively, our consultants require a variety of fiscal information. We would therefore ask you to bring all relevant documents to your consultation. Please refer to the following checklists when gathering the pertinent documents. Just click the link that refers to your situation. You can also download and print the lists in PDF form.

Retiree checklist for the consultation session

If you should have any questions on individual points, we can address these together at the joint consultation session. In addition your consultant has available a wide range of forms that you are welcome to use.

You should bring along the following documentation to your arranged consultation appointment:

  • Electronic salaries tax certification
  • Income tax advice from the tax office for the previous year (only for new members)n)
  • Information on child benefit payments
  • Information on income from capital assets / interest income (if not exempted); especially shares in capital companies.
  • Rulings on pensions and changes

Evidence on special expenditure

  • Donation receipts and certificates for church contributions
  • Contributions and donations for parties
  • Evidence relating to education costs (payment of school fees, study charges)
  • Evidence of maintenance payments to a divorced spouse or one living apart (signature of spouse appendix “U”)
  • Documentation on private old-age provision / incentive contracts etc
  • Copies of insurance advices (KV, LV, UV, private liability insurance, etc)

Evidence on extraordinary charges

  • Evidence of physical disability (invalidity identity card)
  • Support certification from needy people, their pension resolutions and evidence of their own income and emoluments for the person supported
  • Child care costs in case of single parents (payment advices, e.g. latest account balance), kindergarten, day nurseries, carers
  • Support certification from needy people, their pension resolutions and evidence of their own income and emoluments for the person supported
  • Illness costs (spectacles, tooth replacement, health treatment charges, surgery fees, etc)
  • Divorce and burial costs
  • Conversions to accommodate disability

Evidence of services related to the home

  • Expenditure on cleaner, lady to do the ironing, window cleaner, gardener, chimney sweep etc.
  • Expenditure on care services or care homes
  • Technician services in house / appartment (e.g. washing machine, PC repair etc.)


  • Evidence regarding capital-forming benefits / appendix V

Your advisory centre head will be pleased to clarify any questions on evidence required.

PDF checklist

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