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Our association is the right address for all of these people

As an income tax assistance association we have an obligation towards a statutory advice authorisation, which precisely stipulates for whom we may work.

We are pleased to advise you if you fulfill these pre-requisites

  • Worker
  • Employee
  • Civil servant
  • Pensioner or retired civil servant
  • Recipient of financial support
  • Applicant for/recipient of child allowance
  • Unemployed person

and if you do not receive any other income than

  • income from wage or salary
  • income from pensions/annuities or other retirement benefits
  • financial support
  • compensations
  • unemployment benefit and social security
  • Sick pay/ short-time worker allowance/ maternity benefits and other substitute wage payments
  • Income from capital assets (interest, dividends, etc.)*
  • Income from rental and leasing*
  • Income from private sales*
  • Income which is tax-free in full according to Section 3 No. 12, 26 or 26a of the Income Tax Act

*if this income in total does not exceed EUR 13,000 per annum (with singles) or EUR 26,000 (in the event of the joint assessment with married persons) and is to be declared in the assessment process or is declared owing to an application of the taxpayer. If it remains with the tax deduction through the withholding tax, A limitation to the advice authorisation will be omitted.

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