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Declare taxes
as settled.

We prepare your tax return

We are available for you – so that you have more time for the important things in life.

As a member you profit among others from these services:

  • We prepare your income tax return
  • Tax advice – throughout the whole year
  • We examine your tax assessment and file objections
  • Legal protection and representation towards the Inland Revenue Office and the Finance Court

And the best thing: All of this is already included in our social-based graduated membership fee – no further additional costs are incurred for you.

Within the framework of our advice authorization according to Section 4 No. 11 StBerG we support employees, pensioners and retired civil servants as well as students or persons seeking work in exhausting their tax savings potentials in full*.

Our services in detail

  • We prepare your income tax return and file it with the Inland Revenue Office.
    Our competent consultants, who are permanently trained in specialist tax matters, view your documents, find your personal tax benefits and take advantage of all applicable allowances and subsidisations for you.
  • We offer you tax advice throughout the whole year.
    Among others relating to topics such as rental income, household-related services, Riester bonus, housing subsidy, tax class, child allowance, savers allowance, income tax reduction and withholding tax. And of course we also file corresponding applications for you.
  • We also advise you outside of the customary opening hours.
    Our advice centres are flexible in allocating the working hours; following a special request we will visit you at home.
  • We calculate your expected refunds or subsequent payments.
    As soon as we have prepared your tax return, you will find out which amount of tax refund or which subsequent payment you should expect.
  • We examine your tax assessment and, if necessary, will file an objection for you.
    So that you do not have to pay any inadmissible subsequent payments or unnecessary late payment fines.
  • We represent you towards the Inland Revenue Office as well as before the finance court.
    So that you do not have any disputes with tax officials or have to deal with the failure to meet deadlines. We are committed to asserting your rights and in case of doubt will also file an action before the finance court on your behalf.
  • We show engagement on federal level in tax questions.
    Everyone profits from the result. For example as with the re-introduction of the commuter allowance, the modernisation of the taxation law, etc.

And of course members, who only become unemployed during their membership, can also continue to be advised. In addition our association members receive specialist information by our local advice centres. This way we offer our members a complete service package – also beyond the preparation of the income tax return.

Our members receive all services of the association free of charge. Merely an annual membership fee is paid, which is currently between EUR 35.00 and EUR 350.00 (including the respective applicable value added tax). The computation base of the membership fee is respectively the annual gross income. As our fees are graduated in 13 levels, we take the social principle into account to the best possible extent.

*The authorisation only covers the assistance with the income tax and its surcharge taxes. Insofar as permissible the membership also entitles to assistance with the owner-occupied home subsidy and the investment subsidy according to Sections 3 and 4 of the Investment Subsidy Act 1999 as well as to assistance with facts of the compensatory family allowance (child allowance) within the meaning of the EStG [German Income Tax Act] and the other allowances (e.g. retirement provision allowances) and subsidies (housing subsidies). In addition also with employer's tasks in connection with child supervision and household-related employment relationships within the meaning of Section 35 a Par. 1 EStG.

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