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In order to prepare your tax return quickly and comprehensively, our consultants require a variety of fiscal information. We would therefore ask you to bring all relevant documents to your consultation. Please refer to the following checklists when gathering the pertinent documents. Just click the link that refers to your situation. You can also download and print the lists in PDF form.

Checklist with residential property / renting

For residential property

  • Proof of ownership (extract from the Land Register, notarised purchase agreement, handover contract for new purchase)
  • Original invoices covering construction and modernisation work performed, construction material and lists of travel expenses to do-it-yourself stores
  • Certification on moving into family house / flat
  • Broker receipts, land transfer tax, notary and court costs

For rented residential property

  • Proof of interest paid and other borrowing costs (e.g. debt discount, travelling expenses to banks, arrangement fees for mortgage contract) if appropriate also debit interest after sale of building
  • Invoices for repair expenses / construction
  • Property tax advice, ancillary costs (water, sewage, heating oil, gas, garbage charges)
  • Cost of building and corridor lighting (electricity costs)
  • Chimney sweep charges
  • House insurance (e.g. fire, liability, water)
  • Rent contracts and, where appropriate, statements of rental account (rental receipts and ancillary cost accounts)
  • List of trips to do-it-yourself stores, brokers
  • Exact size of liveable area
  • Expenditure on listed property
  • Notary contracts on available usufruct / right of residence

For private disposal transactions

  • Sale and purchase agreements for the property
  • Handover contracts for anticipated succession
  • Information on depreciation previously made use of
  • Documentation with information on acquisition and disposal of capital / securities / and / or other assets acquired within one year and re-sold at a profit
  • Costs arising in connection with sale
  • Information on type and times of building use (e.g. study room, rental, self-use)

Investment / Holdings

  • Sum of share in corporation (e.g. AG, GmbH, etc.):

 ____________ € / ____________ %
Reason: Obligatory examination as of § 17 EStG in case of sale

Please note that the documentation specified and required is only an example list, and it may be expanded at any time by your adviser during the personal interview session depending on your personal circumstances.

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